Verified quality

While many speak on quality products, we check ours.

We are backed by major internationally recognized quality certificates.

We follow the rules of the certifications listed below, a current production of CHIA (Salvia Hispanica) organic as well as a stock of CHIA (Salvia Hispanica) conventional last harvest stock this unchecked and only residual of the fields that are in a position to "transition."

HACCP Certificate

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

It was created in response to the requirements requested by NASA for space food for astronauts.

Its methodology is to control the dangers of contamination physical, chemical or microbiological contact.

The certificate guarantees the control of raw materials, ingredients, processing, environment and the employees involved.

The result of this methodology is the high reliability and quality of our chia seed.

BPM Certificate

Good manufacturing practices.

Certification applied to manufacturing operations of drugs, cosmetics, medical products and foods.

The application ensures that our BPM chia seed was produced by materials of suitable quality, evenly controlled and are stable over its lifetime fulfilling the requirements of the health record.

Fulfill requirements through certification:

* Suitably qualified and trained staff.
* Approved procedures and instructions.
* Infrastructure and appropriate spaces.
* Equipment and appropriate services.
* Storage and transport appropriate.

Kosher Certificate

Control that certify specific rules governing Judaic Orthodox diet.

This certification is synonym of higher quality due to high levels of demand and control.

It demands total transparency relationship should be maintained between us and the Jewish entity that approves the use of our seed.

The method is globally recognized and attributed as a synonym for maximum quality control. Therefore, we are backed by rigorous quality certification in order to provide the market the best choice regarding chia seeds.

NOP Certification

National Organic Program of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

The NOP is a certification created by United States Department of Agriculture that provide the consumers ensuring that our processes are suitable for the production of organic foods.

Thus, producing food using methods that preserve the environment and avoid synthetic materials like pesticides and antibiotics.

Annually the entity that issued the certificate makes a rigorous inspection to confirm whether our practices are adjusted with the requirements of the Certificate.

Certificación CE

European Comision Regulation.

La certificación de calidad CE es establecida por la Unión Europea y vigente en todos los países que la componen, productos con dicho certificado llevan en sus envases el logo de la certificación.

This certificate guarantees as the same time as certifies the processes of organic food production, with the goal of delivering to the final consumer trustful products.

The organic production method plays an important role that contributes to environmental protection and rural development.

JAS Certification

Japanese Agricultural Standards

Japanese certificate of organic agricultural production, created by the Forestry, Agriculture and Fishing Ministry in Japan. Exclusive to products destined to the country.

Our production process follows rigorous standards of quality for which we are authorized by the certification. The control starts in the seeds, pest management to transportation, washing and storage of chia seeds. In addition our facilities are follows the space requirements, ventilation and lighting standards of Certification.

One of the JAS certification differentials with others, is the existence of an area dedicated to the quality of products JAS, which is independent of the area of production and sales.

All certificates that were issued to Kistter were certified by CERES , following strict evaluation criteria.