La historia de una familia unida


The German immigration in Brazil happened in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in many regions of Brazil. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean was exhausting and took long 100 days. The Kist Family with the vision to provide their loved ones a dignified life became part of the story when they emigrate to Brazil in search for the abundant land of Brazil.


Affonso , Leo Petter Kist father’s, visits Paraguay for the second time, on this visit he buys his first piece of land with an area of 72 hectares, where he builds his house, barns, stables and all the structure needed to live and work with his family.


Affonso Petter finishes his facilities and decides it's time to bring his entire family permanently to Paraguay. They arrive exactly on 08 January 1975 In this year they started growing soybeans in Paraguayan soil but it was negative, because the seeds were from southern Brazil, where the soil is different, so a giant plant grow without seeds for harvest.


At 25 Leo Petter Kist began his independent life, receiving from his father a colony of land to start his own business as a farmer. In the same year Mr. Leo began his married life by marrying Rosane Ines Lauer, beginning a new phase of his life, in pursuit of his dreams beside his wife.


After 21 years of hard work, risks acquiring new areas of crop, losses due to bad weather and also positive crop growth; Mr. Leo and his family know chia seed and decide to grow 3 acres to learn about cultivation, processing, handling and results that the seed can provide. They were surprised, the result was excellent.


After the results given with chia and its cultivation in the previous year, he decided to substantially increase its growing area. Once again he got excellent results, then he decides to investigate more closely about the activity of cultivation and processing chia.


After two years of hard study and research combined with optimum results, Kistter Agro Export Import SA was born. Dedicated to the processing of chia seed, with the mission to provide the world market a high quality product and offer small farmers a very beneficial option for income. There were difficulties in 2013, frosts have caused large losses in several areas cultivated with chia, but it was not a reason to refrain Leo and his family. They worked in the pursuit of their objectives and the concretization of Kistter resulted in a single industrial plant in our country, with the latest technology to compete with countries in Europe and North America.