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Certificates that support the quality of our chia:

HACCP Certificate


Certification of food safety.

BPM Certificate


Certificate applied to the manufacture of drugs, cosmetics and foods.

Kosher Certificate


Recognized worldwide as a synonym for maximum quality control.

NOP Certification


National Organic Program of the USDA

EC Certification


European Comision Regulation

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Tradition in cultivating

We are a traditional family of German emigrants, that immigrated to Brazil more than 160 years ago. Today, part of their descendants are in Paraguay.

With over thirty years of experience in agricultural related activities, currently dedicate part of our crops to chia.

We have one of the most sophisticated manufacturing plants in South America, dedicated to the processing of Chia.


High quality Chia seed

We met all parameters and quality requirements worldwide, with all the certification and quality required to export.

All production processes, from the cultivated areas to deposit of seeds that are ready for shipment, are supervised by professionals.

For seeds to reach the destination in excellent condition, we remotely control the temperature of our deposits, and they are kept in excellent condition up to the time of shipment.

The technology used in our structures are from recognized manufacturers in processing and storage of grain in the USA and Brazil. Besides, our factory plant is exclusively to the process of chia seed.