Kistter import export S.A.

We are a family business with traditional values and global goals.

We built our brand based on quality in all our activities, our goal is achieve it. Our structures, facilities and technology were built with the best for the processing of Chia, which is considered as a reference in the process, we acquired it and as a result now we possess an “Superior” industrial plant.

Our mission is to serve our customers with a product of results, proven by world-class certification.

In addition to our customers, we are responsible for encouraging the cultivation of chia as a new option of winter culture for farmers, offering a superior profitability and ensuring a structure capable of receive and process the product with quality.

The vision we crave, is to be a brand recognized worldwide for its excellence in quality, involved in all Chia Seed processes, from cultivation to the final product delivery.

See below our processes and structure that we have to reach an excellent chia seed.


Through our social project in growing chia together with an NGO International; we follow the process of planting, growing and harvesting of chia in the tava'i Tavapy district. Other cultivated areas ranging from areas of the business owner and farmers near this region.


Following all the rules and processes required by our certifications when the seeds arrive several samples are analyzed in our laboratory and only those that fit our exacting quality standards are accepted, then they follow to the collection or processing.

Seed Collection

The plant collection was strategically installed, following all required processes and is able to store large quantities of seeds. Always operating for the factory activities.

One of the main stages of the process, installed to the highest technological and quality parameters found in the market. It has a processing capacity to 5,000 tons per year. Equipped with 300 thousand BTU cooler remotely controlled where we manage the temperature of the factory deposits preserving the nutrients and potential of the seeds, thus achieving superior quality.

Industrial Plant

One of the main stages of the process, installed to the highest technological and quality parameters found in the market. Besides having processing capacity to 5,000 tonnes per year. As a result our chia seeds reach the amazing 99.98% purity.


Hygiene is a essential point to make possible our search for quality.

We follow rigorously all required hygiene processes. Our partners have a specific space for staff hygiene and their utensils, which they pass daily before starting their activities. Besides all, the factory plant has a modern system of surveillance and security helping the hygiene control.


Everything is made by machines and processes but are the people who control and make everything work well with. People these, that should be prepared in every way to the final product has the quality we have.

Our employees are constantly trained and motivated to meet all standards and requirements of our quality standards.