Is there value in a non-shared knowledge?

From this simple question we base our social activities. We work together with a international N.G. O. training and advicing on small farmers in two communities located in the districts of Tavapy, Alto Paraná and Tava'i, Caazapá, both the Paraguay national area.

The two communities totalize more than a hundred families with mechanized cultivation area of about 200 hectares of chia.

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Easy financing and adequate training.

We provide funding for equipment, tools and chia seeds for growing farmers. While N.G. O. empowers them and give the necessary inputs such as organic fertilizer, technical assistance to the field and seed management, faithfully following the procedures and standards established by the Certified behind us.

Profitability and guaranteed sale

Our project assists the producer in all stages of the crop, we guarantee the purchase of your cultivation of chia, this way the farmers can calm down for their crop, because it already has buyer.

The cultivation of chia has a yield much higher than other varieties such as peanuts, corn, beans and rice, thus the farmer increases his income, improving the quality of life of their families and encourages the development of their community.

Shared knowledge generates guaranteed growth

By sharing knowledge grow all those who teach and those who learn and primarily the community.

As evidence of this cycle, we have the impact that our project is taking. With constant growth and integration, we are reaching a very large number of small farmers. For the year 2015 we expect to reach 1,000 hectares of chia machined, bringing better quality of life for over 400 families with professional training on the cultivation, sale and high profit guaranteed.

Knowledge only has value when it is shared.